Morocco belongs to the realm of imagination, is a dream of the 1001 nights.

It’s exotic, sensorial, unusual.

Drive along the hamada, discover its kasbahs, sleep in a Riad, blend of French savoir faire and moroccan comfort, unwind in a hamman, ride on a camel’s back on the Sahara, sea of sand and mirror of the sky under the daylight, endless silence under the stars, the Atlas, the palm tree grove of Skoura, Hassan II Mosque, delirious architecture, that circus, the Djemaa el-Fna square in Marrakech, surfing in Taghazout, Essaouira, freshened by the Atlantic breeze and Fez, the land where the princess Aixa and his son Boabdil found shelter when they lost the gorgeous city of Granada.

MOROCCO is an oversaturated postcard from MOROCCO

Photo: ©Marianne-Swenink-Havard