Portugal, is our neighbouring country, is “romantic Iberianism“, is the nostalgic Fado with a hint of tragedy, is the pastries of the Old Belem Bakery, a monk’s work of art, is wine from Porto, Portuguese elixir par excellence, is the Ponta da Piedade caves, is Fátima, site of pilgrimage, is Cape St. Vincent, or the end of the world during the Middle Ages, is the rambling passages of the Alfama quarter of Lisboa, is dreamlike beaches in the Algarve or in Tavira Island, is fish and seafood, ancient seafaring culture, is Sintra, is a fairytale, is to stay in a Pousada, is Coimbra, medieval and university city, is the rooster of Barcelos, and is the tiles, arabic legacy of what was Garb Al-andalus.

Portugal, land of explorers and creator of the map of the world