Destination Management Company Spain

At Aixa Dreams, we have always wanted to stand out with tailor-made work, conventions, events, trips or presentations, because we understand that each one has its own essence. Each one of them is different from the rest, sometimes it is the colours of a brand that prevails, sometimes it is the values or even the place that does not suit, the best presentation cannot be emulated, because it  needs the touch that makes it different and special.

That’s where we come in.

We work with hundreds of venue suppliers all over the Iberian geography, the best chefs for the unique and personal taste, the best shows of the land, from a flamenco with denomination of origin to an orchestra or a beautiful show. The differentiation, the taste for details, from evaluating the logistics to the finishing touch and the customization of each detail is our speciality and our commitment.

We want to be your reference, that you tell us about an idea, a project or a product and that, from the base, we start to create the foundations of what will be an event that will make a difference. Feel free to call us and tell us what you have in mind so that we can start materialising it. Our multidisciplinary team, our years of experience in the sector and our dedication will make the conversation the perfect setting for whatever you can imagine.

Are you ready to start turning your ideas a into reality?